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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  June 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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traffic neat mayor. the drive home on the hear risburg expressway. it reopened about 90 minutes ago. traffic is moving slow. people had to be taken to the hospital. two pom were injured. >> the man accused of killing fesh ya barnes and dumping her body in the susquehanna river appeared in court. michael johnson pleaded not
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guilty. johnson's trial is scheduled to start august 13th. the defense for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky rested its case without calling sandusky to the stand. closing arguments are set for tomorrow. he faces 51 counts of abuse and could spend the rest of his life in prison. steaming, stifling, you can use to describe this heat. i would yacht is in the abc2 storm center. >> don't for get searing and steam bath. it will be a steam bath. 99 in the inner harbor. 97 in washington. annapolis at 88. i'm shower it feels hotter in
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many spots around the capital. the heat index have yous, 103 in easton down from 107. this is a real hot scenario. the radar remains clear. we don't have heat drink thunderstorms but it could change tomorrow. 90s. clear and humid. all the timing coming up. when it's hot outside we stay inside, but what about your pets? first, keep them in the said with plenty of wart and make sure the water is fresh every day. give your pet a cool bath with the water house. put them in the kiddy pool. and if possible walk on the deter or the grass.
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to help you survive the heat, go to you can find all the cooling centers and important tips to help you lower that electric bill. what you need to know about choosing the right sun screen for you. you can find it in our featured story section. >> an elderly man knocks on a city fire station door, but the city's fire union said that wouldn't happen after july 1st because it's scheduled to be cut from the budget. we have more on how the union and the city council are trying to keep truck 10 and other companies from the budget act. >> reporter: truck 10 and truck 15 will soon be removed from service on july 1st, but the city's fire union said it saves lives and they can't do that if they're taken out of the
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community that they serve. big al remembers the day they opened the west lafayette fire station back in 1967 when he says he was a young man. he said now that he's an old man hanging out, he really understands what having a firefighter nearby really means. >> some people come out 24 hours, heat, cold, sweat, fire. >> reporter: at around 6 an elderly man hurried to the fire station to get help for his son who was unconscious. truck's 10 crew responded. the city said if that happened two weeks from now truck 10 wouldn't be there. it's scheduled to be taken away july 1st. >> we're down to barebones.
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chief clack said we're down to barebones. what's changed? the calls have increased. the amount of service we have increased. now his idea is let's lose these three companies because we haven't had fire deaths. are you kidding me? we have to kill people to save our company. >> reporter: the mayor said losing struck 10 along with two others would save more than a million dollars from the budget. it will stay open but with less personnel. jack young said he rote a letter to the -- wrote a let are to the -- letter to the mayor and she needs to find a way to keep these units in the neighborhood. >> they're closing the truck ladder. if i'm on my third floor and they got hose putting out the fire and the fire's coming to the third floor, i want a ladder to rescue me. >> reporter: young is asking the
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mayor to keep open several rec centers. he said the council cut $6 million with the hope the mayor would use it to stave off cuts to the fire station and rec center. calls to the mayor's office were not returned. this is a live picture from the port of baltimore, a huge ship. this is a giant cargo ship that's causing major traffic at the bay bridge today. transportation officials apparently had to stop traffic as this massive ship carrying four of the largest cranes built passed under the bridge. it has been slope going but -- slow going, but what an amazing sight. a nightmare for passengers on a jetblue flight from las vegas to new york over the weekend to tell you b a mechanical failure caused the plane to jerk violently in the hair, making dozens of
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passengers sick. diana perez has all the details. >> reporter: the emergency on jetblue's flight left no one hurt but there was widespread panic month passengers. >> we're trying to work this situation. >> reporter: that's the captain moment after the plane started making steep turns around lurching violently back and fourth. one passenger called it four hours of hell. through it all a flight attendant tried to reassure passengers saying if i'm not scared you don't need to be. >> jetblue said the captain was forced to declare an emergency and return to vegas. but help couldn't land right away. the plane was carrying too much fuel and had to burn it off by
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circling for three hours. the front wheels also stopped working. when this finally landed, it was towed to the gate. once they were on ground a passenger tweeted the crew are super heroes. others like a conservative columnist tweeted frustration aing it turned into a vomitor ium. all the passengers made it out of vegas that night but on a different plane. the faa has hope -- opened an investigation to see what went wrong. >> coming up, many people complain about how uncomfortable those tsa patdowns are, but one woman in florida decided to do a role reversal.
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why she patted down an jeapt. >> this time of the year you're likely to hear a splat on your windshield. that's not what happened to one driver in boston.
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a passenger upset with the way she was treated by the tsa turned the tables and patted down an agent herself. carol price walked over to the supervise. she put her bags down and gropes the agent all in an effort to demonstrate what happened to her while being patted down moment earlier. >> it was a customer complaint of an extremely inappropriate search. she did not touch the supervisor as intruesively as she was touched. >> she used to work for the tsa and was charged with a misdemeanor battery. back in april a chicago woman was brought to tears after what she felt was an inreport patdown. last year a 61-year-old woman was arrested for touching a screener's breast during a patdown and fellow flyers flocked to defend her, calling her a hero.
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the tsa said they will quote not tolerate assaults against its workforce. you might want to wear a flying machete. a massachusetts man saw a car kick up a piece of debris. his car took a direct hit but he want prepared to see what he saw. >> i walked around the front of the car hoping to -- expecting to see some damage. it was a two foot machete. >> as to the damage to his car, had said it fits right in with the wear and tear that was already there. we'll be right back.
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everybody likes going to your local farmers market, but at one local market, abc2 news found that the vendors are there for more than just the money they earn. >> reporter: for the first couple of years selling sauce i would say buy this brown sauce. it makes great turkey burger. my wife said why don't you tell people how to do it. when i was a customer, even though the market closed at 12 noon, if i woke up at 11, i was
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running to get there just to feel that connection. when i got a chance to be on this side of the table it got richer. i love the connection with people. that's really my greatest reward. when i see people smile, when i see people enjoy what we've done, it doesn't pay the bill but it's more than money for me. >> i've been to the farmers market. kettle corn. do they have kettle corn. they used to but never came back. i asked could i try it. my wife laughed at me. i just like doing it. seeing the people, i like it. to see their expression when they eat this, i like doing it and will continue to do it no matter what. if i can retire doing it, i'm on eye like working for myself. i like working outside all the time. every day there's something
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different. you can get unexpected things every now and then, whether it's good or bad. it's not the regular 9 to 5 job. i tried that already and didn't like it. >> something that allows me to express my creativity. basically all of the food you taste is my personal ti. it started in my grandma's kitchen. this is like -- it has navy beans in it. you can show who you are. it's your expression to the world. you learn that through your food. >> okay. if you're not hungry after that, something is wrong with you. >> the farmers market is opened every tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
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wyatt? kelly, i like that kettle corn. you could take a bag of pop corn and throw it on some asphalt. it would probably pop within 15 to 20 minutes. 97 degrees. much hotter in spots. where you have black surfaces or paveed area, it's hotter. boy, i tell you one spot where it was very interesting visually, hot and i narrowed down a timeline. watch as we put this into motion here. you see it approaching the bay bridge. look at the height on this crane ship. look at the upper spans of the bay bridge. that is a close, one of those deals you want low tide to bring these bad boys through, all part of those new giant cargo ships.
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the expanded panama canal. just really a different way of branding the warning, mt. holly, new jersey, likes to go with excessive heat warning as opposed to the heat advisory. it means excessive heat. 97. these are the air temperatures. 85. if you're not on the water you're feeling the heat. no heat driven thunderstorms. a better companies tomorrow afternoon. that's very high humidity but it's not quite the level we see if late july or early august. this is not as excessive as it could be but still heat index values showing it's a pow tents
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combination of -- potent come basing of heat and humidity. isolated storms have been there, mainly over western virginia. big heat bubble but a high pressure zone over the caroline narks. wraparound return flow, right out of dixie. that's what we're feeling in maryland, the mid-atlanta being and through new york. new york has a high temp of 98 in the big apple. all the way to deet -- detroit, 94. cold front to the with the. this will be our heat breaker. it does not arrive tomorrow or early friday. we think by friday evening we could see the cool front. hotter, 100. heat values could reach 110. 70s and a chance for a few storms. the front friday should drop us
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to 93, cooler by sunday and monday. back to you. now to democracy 2012, just because both presidential candidates are staying out of the spotlight today doesn't mon all is quiet in the raise for the white house. what did the campaign trail look like today? >> reporter: the president has no public events planned and mitt romney just last two private fund-raisers, but on the airwaves, that's where the action is. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this emergency. >> reporter: the obama campaign is out with two new ads today. the first accuses the republican candidate of having a spotty record on job creation. >> he shipped jobs to china and mexico. as governor he did the same thing, outsourcing jobs to inned ya. >> reporter: a second hits romney more forcefully on his time has governor on massachusetts.
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>> as governor, mitt romney did cut stasms on millionaires like himself but he raised taxes on everyone else -- $1.5 billion over 1,000 fee hikes. >> reporter: but pro romney super pacs are fighting back. >> after a record 40 straight months of unemployment, president obama insist -- >> the private sector is doing fine. >> recontractly president obama said. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> you had can our president be so out of touch? >> all right. thanks a lot for that report. we're having tk ni cal -- technical difficulties. >> the man who police said killed phylicia barnes was in
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court and how her family feels. >> it's hot. it -- it's humid but there's a way to stay cool. an ice cream truck and where you can jump on it.
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the same antibiotics that doctors prescribe to help us when we're sick are also used to fatten up the animals that many of us eat every day. now some folks are calling for a change. a watchdog group is urging the government to cut back on antibiotics in poultry beef and
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pork. they're con standard they're contributing to the rites of super bugs, drug resistant bugs that make some drugs useless. the antibiotics are used to protect animals from getting sick but it also makes them grow faster and big are on less feed. remember when layaway was about buying that furniture or christmas difficulty for the kids? now some people are using it to buy their summer vacation. bang today sears unveiled a new website allowing people to book propaid vacations just under $400. well, coming up at 6:00, a man's body found in a pancht the break baltimore police made in the case and much more coming up at
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6:00 with jamie costello which starts right now. no all you have to do is pull the crabs out of the wart and they will steam themselves. baltimore, this is your day of a long hot summer. the man accused of killing phylicia barnes, pleads not guilty. >> first, let's go outside. this is the story. you feel the haze? it's tough. it's thick out there and feeling like a maryland summer. it is thick with your first forecast. wyatt? >> don't forget the shrimp. important. i'm telling you, it's one of those days, classic maryland summer weather but the interesting part it comes in on this summer solstice, the first day of summer,ut


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